The Heart of Our Business: Servicing Customer Experiences

Servicing our customers’ experiences is at the heart of being successful in today’s market. The culture change by consumers of goods and services have evolved from listening to a sales pitch and buying an off the shelf solution to customers expecting to receive both an education around their needs and a customized, effective solution. How well that process is managed is integral to the success of your organization. And that’s where a unique marketing company can help you succeed.

Roundhouse Marketing  is committed to exceeding the expectations of our customers to the extent that it has eliminated the traditional customer service department. Instead, they created a customer service company that provides marketing solutions. Every member of our team is both a client service provider and a solution provider. This mindset permeates all our interactions and the products and services which we provide. Delighting our clients with superior design, performance, execution and fulfillment are our daily expectation.

Part of delighting customers is to simplify their journey by incorporating the critical functions of marketing design and delivery into a single unique organization. Once a marketing campaign is conceived, the design process takes over to ensure the concept is sharpened and focused on the targeted market. When the concept is ready, our team can execute quickly by providing the printed materials, email blasts, email newsletter templates and fulfilling requests for physical marketing supplies when and where you need them. All of this under one roof!

Our team works as both Tier 1 (full-service marketing department) or Tier 2 (with your marketing department or agency) to ensure that your campaigns are developed and executed in a timely, cost-effective manner. In either case, we will supplement your team’s efforts with unique skills and interactive collaboration to provide the services you need.

Roundhouse Partners is ready, willing and able to help you meet the challenges of getting and obtaining your target customers’ attention. Give us the opportunity to delight you by contacting us today.

Creative Design Investment

For a business to win in marketing, they must have a strong marketing strategy. In a competitive market, a creative agency, with a team of professionals, can efficiently provide you with the help you need to promote your business, including signs, web development, content creation, advertisement, print, mobile design elements, a new logo and more.

If you are not certain that spending for marketing is a worthwhile endeavor, consider some of the signs that you should invest in creative design. Failure to stay attentive in a competitive market can have a negative impact. 

  1. Online Presence - A business without a strong online presence is losing customers. Consumers have an expectation that will be able to connect and communicate with you online. A creative agency can help you develop an effective website and other online marketing elements. 
  1. Increased Competition - There are over 644 million websites on the internet, all trying to get the attention of your customers. Stand out in the crowd with a quality site. 
  1. Enhanced Advertising - If your website is not attracting organic traffic, it is a waste of resources. A website must be the focal point of your marketing, naturally attracting visitors from search, social media and other marketing efforts. 
  1. Improved Blogging - In order to be effective, blogging should be respected as a creative work. Consistently publishing unique and informative content will bring value to your visitors. 
  1. Social Media Marketing - The typical consumer communicates with brands on social media. A creative agency understands your customers' motivations to improve traffic. 

Ultimately, the best reason for professional creative design is improved sales.

The Importance of Building a Consistent Brand

The visual presentation of your brand defines how clients see you. There is no need to muddle your message with assets and marketing strategies from an uncoordinated variety of services. There’s another option! Bring your marketing needs under one roof and experience the benefits of a unified advertising effort.

Your brand deserves to be conveyed clearly and appealingly to your clients. You want your brand assets to be designed and executed by a team that understands your company and the ideas behind the brand. Working with a full-service marketing team means your work will be with people who are familiar with all aspects of your brand and how it should be executed across multiple platforms to allow for consistency.

Even if you already have a logo, website design, and existing promotional materials, you can still benefit from an all-in-one marketing service. Instead of managing all your separate brand content providers, bring your existing assets to Roundhouse. We can work with what you already have to ensure a clear, unified and beneficial path forward.

Print is dead? Try telling your customers that.

As we’ve mentioned in previous blog entries, “Customer Experience” has become a critical facet in every marketing mosaic. It involves a unified approach to every interaction a customer has with your business. In other words, Customer Experience is essentially a business-customer relationship. Gone are the days of trying random, unrelated marketing tactics and seeing what happens; these days, an integrated, cross-media approach is the only viable one. And print can play a significant role in the success of this approach.

Data Collection

Marketers know that a data-driven campaign complete with measurable metrics produces the best results. You have to intimately understand your customers to effectively market to them. While a great deal of marketing data is collected from online purchases and other online activity, your customers' offline spending habits may be different. Coupons, vouchers, and other print reward systems as part of a loyal program can help fill that data gap by showing you the types of offline purchases a particular customer makes. In-store customer satisfaction surveys can still be effectively used for this purpose as well.

Personalized Marketing

Once you have usable data, you can personalize your marketing techniques, using print to enhance your online marketing strategies. For instance, if you have a group of customers who are parents of small children, you can develop a coupon booklet to mail to that specific set of consumers. The booklet can direct those parents to a relevant blog or Facebook post, where they can find tips and advice for parents and share their knowledge and experiences with other parents. Your marketing team can devise a separate strategy for college students, health-conscious consumers, and so on. Your customers will feel like you know them, and you won't spend thousands on print material that will just go in the trash.

The Follow-Up Experience

Loyal customers will remain loyal when they feel like their opinion is being heard. Social media platforms designed to spark conversation are a great place to start. For many, simply typing a line or two about their experience at your place of business is enough. Print can take it a step further, however. After a successful event, such as a fund-raising event or an inventory reduction sale, send out letters personally thanking customers for their participation. When a customer leaves negative feedback or calls with a complaint, a letter signed by the business owner or CEO thanking them for their input can turn a negative experience into a positive one.

A customer experience strategy takes commitment. It also requires the street smarts that only comes from years of experience to be truly successful. At Roundhouse Marketing, we’ve been working with print for every one of our 94 years in business. We will help you understand how to continue using it as a key part of a cross-media customer experience strategy that generates life to your sales.

Harness the Power of Experience

Technology is a powerful weapon. It’s not only changing the way marketing warfare is conducted, it is an evolving entity that can totally transform your Customer Experience strategy… in the time it’s taking you to read this sentence. Your CE team has to be virtually superhuman to give your customers an experience like none other, using both new and time-tested experiential marketing techniques. Are they up for the challenge?

For many companies, keeping a fully operational Customer Experience team on board is impractical. Outsourcing certain executional functions from within a CE strategy can keep internal resources fresh, on task and thinking big picture. Choosing the right partner can be tricky, but the benefits usually outweigh the tedium involved in the vetting process.

Communication is perhaps the most critical aspect of the Customer Experience journey. We must be prepared to speak to them as they prefer to be spoken to, not how we prefer to speak to them. One important, yet often overlooked facet of a communication plan is consistency in messaging. Expertly-extended design can enhance the customer experience dramatically. Print is still an important part of CE, a notion that is often dismissed in the digital age. The FCC and FDA regulate a good portion of the CE world, therefore print plays a key role. Not only that, many older customers may actually prefer to read print materials. It then makes sense that well-designed print, from brochures to user manuals, can make or break a customer’s decision to give you their business.

At Roundhouse, we have worked for decades to perfect our methods of communicating in the Customer Experience arena. Our in-house design, print, warehousing and fulfillment teams work hand in hand with CE teams to deliver on strategies across a wide spectrum of categories; from Telecom to Healthcare and CPG Food to Manufacturing. So go ahead and use the benefits technology provides in building your CE model. But when it comes time to press the button, reach out to Roundhouse and put our experience to work for you.