How organized is your Sales & Marketing Toolbox?

Sales & Marketing can be a hectic undertaking, especially when business is good. Savvy customer reps not only need to know how to use the tools that you create for them, but how to access them quickly.

Asset Management System

Without exaggeration, it is essential for you to utilize an asset management system for your sales & marketing tools. It should be custom to your unique needs so that you can track what you have in stock and organize the materials you have available. When you have an asset management system, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without one, because it makes it so much easier for reps to order and re-order what they need quickly.

Sales & Marketing Tools on the Go

Take your asset management system on the go! Whether your reps are on the road or working from their office, they need immediate access to all of their materials to be successful. After all, the last thing you want is to have a rep postpone a promising client meeting, because the tools they need aren't readily available. Make sure your system is mobile-friendly.

Make it Relevant

Your sales & marketing tools should be informative, but they should also showcase your company’s “brand essence” and be tailored to the audience. A sales rep should be able to walk out of meetings feeling that they have represented the company well, and in ways that will appeal to their prospect. That kind of value requires a sense of artistry and innovation.

Whether you have hundreds of tools or just a handful, let us help organize your sales & marketing effort. Your sales team will benefit and so will your bottom line.

The Importance of Building a Consistent Brand

The visual presentation of your brand defines how clients see you. There is no need to muddle your message with assets and marketing strategies from an uncoordinated variety of services. There’s another option! Bring your marketing needs under one roof and experience the benefits of a unified advertising effort.

Your brand deserves to be conveyed clearly and appealingly to your clients. You want your brand assets to be designed and executed by a team that understands your company and the ideas behind the brand. Working with a full-service marketing team means your work will be with people who are familiar with all aspects of your brand and how it should be executed across multiple platforms to allow for consistency.

Even if you already have a logo, website design, and existing promotional materials, you can still benefit from an all-in-one marketing service. Instead of managing all your separate brand content providers, bring your existing assets to Roundhouse. We can work with what you already have to ensure a clear, unified and beneficial path forward.

Missing Something?

Email is one of the most effective selling tools you can use. According to statistics issued by the Data & Marketing Association, 93% of businesses surveyed consider email very important in achieving sales goals. The same survey showed that for every 1 dollar spent, roughly 38 were earned through email campaigns. It goes on to state that 98% of the businesses that were surveyed vowed to maintain or increase the budget they have committed to email marketing.

One of the unique things about an email campaign is its ability to start generating profits almost immediately. Your target consumers can click right from the email to your sales site, and start buying. Those same customers can then share the emails with friends and family members, becoming a team of salespeople that do not require pay or incentives.

The ability to track the successfulness of an email campaign is another key benefit. We’ll work with you to compile data that can show what the most effective messaging strategies are for each audience. We can then use that data to tweak, enhance and develop new campaigns to best help you reach your goals. We can also help make sure your staff is ready to implement the marketing emails by reviewing and strengthening your on-boarding plan as well.

To find out how we can put our years of experience to work for your business, contact us any time. We’re here for you.

3 Reasons Why Your Brand Needs a Creative Design Team That Works Under One Roof

Creating a brand strategy and adhering to it is difficult for many, but it becomes even more difficult if the right team is not in place. Branding is a strategic decision for businesses, and it is imperative that you have the right team in place to help execute your vision. 

Creative Design is an aspect of branding that may seem easy in the initial stages, but it is often the one that requires the most thought. It is important to have a creative team in place that understands your brand vision but is also able to infuse their own ideas, allowing for brand expansion across multiple mediums and platforms. Here are a few reasons why your brand needs a creative design team that works under one roof.


Everything is done in house, which makes us far more efficient and dynamic. Rather than waiting on outside vendors or trying to convey your message to outside parties, we cut right to the core of the matter.

Whether it is a full-blown campaign, or working with other Tier 1 agencies, our creative design team works shoulder to shoulder to ensure your brand stays on target. 

Increased communication

Creative teams work best when there is ample opportunity for communication and your brand reaps the benefits of that. Having everyone under one roof enables our creative teams to problem solve in real time and brainstorm ideas without having to deal with cumbersome delays.

Rather than spending time emailing one another, our creative teams are able to buckle down, get to the heart of your brand and create something that resonates with your target audiences.

Personalized service

For our creative design team, your brand will not be just another cog in the machine. Each brand deserves its own attention and thorough understanding. We work to understand what makes your brand unique and to whom it appeals.

Using that knowledge, our creative design team works under one roof to develop concepts that will work best for your brand vision. There is no one-size-fits-all approach for branding; our creative team understands that and collaborates to give you a personalized approach.

So, ready for a fresh set of eyes?