Healthcare Marketing: Direct to Patient

Most often, healthcare products are marketed towards doctors and pharmaceutical sales reps. If you want informed customers asking their doctor about your product, gear your marketing campaign towards patients.

Focus on Digital – Marketing in general has shifted to focus more on digital content, especially online. Many healthcare companies have developed apps to engage customers and create a more fulfilling customer experience. People spend a great deal of their time on the internet, so online advertising is a win.

Education – Combine marketing with the genuine needs of your customers. Your marketing campaigns should be informative and digestible. When there is so much bad information on the internet about health, being a reliable source of information for your customers really makes you stand out.

Social Media – There are almost endless ways to use social media to your advantage. Video posts tend to have more views and like than photos, so be sure to post lots of informative videos. Track likes and comments of your posts to see which advertising strategies are the most effective among your clientele.

Get Personal – Video testimonials are one of the best marketing strategies for healthcare providers. Film satisfied customers describing their experience and post it to social media.

In short, cross-media marketing is often most effective. A mix of print and digital media is helpful, as is the use of both visual and audio content on your website. Contact us today support all of your direct to patient marketing efforts to evangelize your healthcare products.

Measuring ROI – Difficult but not impossible

We all know calculating the ROI on marketing campaigns is crucial to profit optimization, but measuring the effectiveness of your activities seems next to impossible. How does a marketing professional even know what to measure or if only one measure can be attributed to a sale when multiple activities were involved? How do we know which activities have had the most impact? What does 'impact' really even mean?!

Before you get to overwhelmed, remember that measuring marketing ROI may be a daunting task, but it is not impossible. Here are some helpful methodologies to try out.

For Beginners

For companies just beginning to tackle measuring marketing ROI, most track their results through the single-attribution method. This means that the value of the sale gets attributed to the first, or last, tactic that touched the activity. It is an easy form of measurement, but it doesn't allow credit to be given to any other tactic. For example, when calculating the last touch, if a lead became a sale after a product demonstration, the demonstration would receive all the credit for the sale regardless of any other point of contact.


To improve upon the disadvantages of the former method, the multi-touch attribution method requires one to work backwards from the sale to identify each significant point of contact. After the points of contact have been identified, each receives either an equal percentage of the sale (if there were 3 points of contact, each is attributed with 1/3 of the sale) or an amount based on assumptions of its worth. Though assumptions hurt accuracy, this method focuses on each point pf contact and is very useful for long revenue cycles.


For those with access to large amounts of data, the full-market mix model provides an exceptionally accurate picture of the effectiveness and efficiency of your marketing campaigns. It measures the impact of all programs while taking any externalities into account through equations regarding revenue and ad spend for each variable. See an example here.

These are only 3 methods of the many out there. Every company has to look at their specific needs. At Roundhouse Marketing, we understand this when creating your ads, emails and direct mail. Contact us today to learn how our experts can ensure the profitability of your marketing campaigns.

Part 3: With a Bow on Top – Custom Kitting

The number one piece of advice is to exercise due diligence when searching for a fulfillment logistics company. Take the time to meet and be certain it’s a good fit for both of you. Don’t settle. Find a third-party partner that will take the time and adhere to the attention to detail your business requires.

Customer service is a critical part of a successful fulfillment project. A third-party partner should help you organize your project to maximize efficiency and minimize unnecessary costs. They should use their knowledge to anticipate how best to package your items so that everything ships undamaged and yet presentable.

Presentation should not be overlooked. Think about the last time you had a package waiting on your door step. The excitement – even if you know what’s inside. A package of sales collateral or the widget you are selling is an extension of your brand. It is not too much to request that your items are nicely displayed in the box and the outer shipping carton branded. The little finishing touches like colored crinkle paper or a custom label can go a long way to make your package stand out.

Roundhouse has the knowledge and experience to pack your project on time, looking beautiful… and maybe even with a bow on top.

Part 2: Pick ‘n Pack

If you are contemplating a third-party fulfillment logistics company for your next project, here are the 3 main components of fulfillment project costs to consider.

Until your project is ready to ship, your items will take up space – possibly LOTS of space. This is where a warehouse comes in handy. Your items will be boxed, labeled, inventoried and stored until the items are needed for your fulfillment order. A “per month” storage fee may be applied. As orders or projects deplete the items you have in stock, the number of skids you have stored will change from month to month.

It takes time to pick off the shelves, pack in boxes and ship orders. By choosing a third-party to fulfill your kits, you’ll be able to free up your time, but will pay labor and packing materials per kit.

Customer Service
You’ll want a fulfillment logistics company to be responsive to your questions or changes. There are companies that specialize in quantity and speed, yet other companies will focus on customization and attention to detail.

As a marketing agency that includes fulfillment and warehouse under one roof, Roundhouse can provide you with speed AND the attention to detail that some of the larger fulfillment logistics companies just won’t touch.

Part 1: Third-Party Warehousing and Fulfillment Benefits

Whether you are a small ecommerce business or a large corporation that has fulfillment projects, a third-party partner might be the answer. Here are a few ways that hiring a warehouse and fulfillment company might be right for you.
The most time-consuming aspect of most fulfillment jobs is the setup. A warehouse will have the space & staff needed to set up a proper assembly line to fulfill kits quickly. Fulfillment experts can also recommend packing materials and best practices to more efficiently kit and ship.

Your day-to-day job is already a busy one. The last thing you want to do is pull an all-nighter to pack and ship 300 sales kits to your brokers. Or, perhaps you are a small business that just launched a new product that is flying off the shelves and don’t have the manpower or space to keep up with the demand. Delegating the fulfillment to a third-party partner can allow you to utilize your time more wisely and keep your new customers happy for repeat business.

Your office does not need to look like the inside of a moving truck. New products, sales samples and collateral all take up space when in large quantities. A warehouse has the space to easily and securely store all of your items in a temperature-controlled setting. An online asset management system allows you to see the quantity of your product in real time. That same online ordering system allows the fulfillment center to react to your orders quickly.

If you want to learn more about how a warehouse and fulfillment company can help grow your business, contact us today. We have over 23 years of experience in providing our clients with warehousing and fulfillment logistics solutions.