Get Noticed with Custom Promotional Products

The goal of any business is to make money. The recipe for success involves three ingredients - a desired product/service, excellent customer service and the right advertising. All of these are key to get new customers to notice the business and then remain faithful to the brand. One way to gain the attention of potential customers is by handing out promotional products. Here are some points to consider when selecting items for advertising purposes.


Instead of selecting items that are just the least expensive, more importantly make sure the promotional products are also useful on a daily basis. Office supplies, apparel, drinkware, tech accessories and personal care are all items that people will find they reach for at work or home, making it more likely the information provided upon them is read many times.

Attract attention.

When picking out promotional products, it is best to personalize with text in a simple font and your logo in a contrasting color from the background color. This way, company information can be read easily.

Reach many people.

Selecting promotional products that will be shared with a good deal of people is key in gaining customers. Many find that giving away branded t-shirts, hats, or bags is a fantastic way to get people to see the information in areas where advertising may be lacking in other ways. Pens also make great promotional items as they are often passed along from person to person, getting company specifics seen as a result.


The Perfect Direct Mail Campaign recently noted, “Today…some of the most innovative and effective advertising is delivered through the mail, and more and more business owners are finding the rewards of direct mail are great if their campaigns are designed with a discerning eye and a realistic strategy in mind.”

Here are 5 smart strategies to create an effective direct mail campaign that gets results:

  1. Keep it real: You might be tempted to grab your readers’ attention with exaggerated claims and flashy design elements, but that’s generally a mistake. Consumers are much savvier, and a lot less trusting, than they once were. Avoid amazing “absolutely free” offers. The more realistic and believable your offer is, the more likely you’ll gain the trust of your direct mail targets, and get their business.
  2. Keep it simple: A direct mail piece isn’t the place to give prospective customers a complete history of your business, or a detailed listing of all your products and services. Your piece should have a specific goal and deliver your offer in easy-to-understand language. Include an attractive headline and clearly state your credible offer. Keep the body of your piece concise, typically no more than approximately 4 sentences. Include only essential information—the benefits of the product you’re selling, a clear call to action and simple contact information.
  3. Keep next steps clear: Decide exactly what you want your prospects to do next. If you want them to call you, make the number stand out and state the action you want them to take. Don’t just list the phone number, rather also instruct them to “Call us at 1-800-XXX-XXXX for more information.”
  4. Keep it personal: The more personal your message, the more likely it will be to connect with your direct mail recipients. Whether sending a letter or postcard, consider using variable data printing to insert your target’s name directly into your piece, rather than addressing generic “resident.”
  5. Keep it with Roundhouse: Lean on the direct mail experts at Roundhouse Marketing to achieve your goals for your next direct mail campaign.

Brand Ambassadors at Work

Considering the amount of time that is dedicated to developing a brand that is visually appealing, it only makes sense to also have some apparel emblazoned in that hard work. Here are a few reasons to consider having branded apparel.

Be seen
The most important reason to consider branded apparel is the visibility it provides. There is no better way to raise awareness for your brand, and gain exposure by designing and disseminating high quality, and great branded apparel. Wearing your brand is free marketing to gain a wider, applicable audience.

Brand army
An employee wearing a branded hat, shirt, outerwear, etc. is more likely to engage in a conversation about the company’s product or services. Branded apparel goes beyond the standard polo shirt to include wearable everyday pieces. Empower employees to be brand ambassadors to both promote the business and build morale.

Branded apparel is one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing - both in terms of the free exposure it brings, as well as the cheaper cost of production in bulk. Using branded apparel as a marketing tool means working with the right partner who will bring your brand the aesthetic appeal it needs and then translate it into the right kind of apparel. This will bring a good deal of exposure and awareness with considerably less investment compared to other methods.

Roundhouse can provide the right vision and execution for branded apparel, creating a deep impact that maximizes return on investment. With some careful thought and design, branded apparel is a great way to be seen and still retain brand identity.

Creative Design Investment

For a business to win in marketing, they must have a strong marketing strategy. In a competitive market, a creative agency, with a team of professionals, can efficiently provide you with the help you need to promote your business, including signs, web development, content creation, advertisement, print, mobile design elements, a new logo and more.

If you are not certain that spending for marketing is a worthwhile endeavor, consider some of the signs that you should invest in creative design. Failure to stay attentive in a competitive market can have a negative impact. 

  1. Online Presence - A business without a strong online presence is losing customers. Consumers have an expectation that will be able to connect and communicate with you online. A creative agency can help you develop an effective website and other online marketing elements. 
  1. Increased Competition - There are over 644 million websites on the internet, all trying to get the attention of your customers. Stand out in the crowd with a quality site. 
  1. Enhanced Advertising - If your website is not attracting organic traffic, it is a waste of resources. A website must be the focal point of your marketing, naturally attracting visitors from search, social media and other marketing efforts. 
  1. Improved Blogging - In order to be effective, blogging should be respected as a creative work. Consistently publishing unique and informative content will bring value to your visitors. 
  1. Social Media Marketing - The typical consumer communicates with brands on social media. A creative agency understands your customers' motivations to improve traffic. 

Ultimately, the best reason for professional creative design is improved sales.

The Art & Science of Creative Design

Launching a complete marketing campaign can be a fun experience, if you have the right group of professionals in your corner. You need a team of creative individuals who will work hard to make sure that the science behind your overall strategy makes sense while looking spectacular.

You understand your business better than anyone and are the driving force behind growing your brand, no matter how many professionals are involved. It is important that you educate your creative team and let them know every small detail about how you envision the future of your brand.

The science behind marketing is not necessarily complicated, but a good creative design partner will be interested in making the best choices possible. Keeping your target audience in mind while designing is key. Combining that with a strong design skillset will help you achieve success.

Expect lots of questions from the design team to truly understand your vision. Marketing professionals, copywriters, design experts and web developers are all part of the design process. Launching marketing campaigns includes building relationships and monitoring the results. You are the most important part of any creative process surrounding your vision. Keep an open mind and don't hold back communication.

Let Roundhouse roll out the red carpet for you. A successful campaign is right around the corner!