The Heart of Our Business: Servicing Customer Experiences

Servicing our customers’ experiences is at the heart of being successful in today’s market. The culture change by consumers of goods and services have evolved from listening to a sales pitch and buying an off the shelf solution to customers expecting to receive both an education around their needs and a customized, effective solution. How well that process is managed is integral to the success of your organization. And that’s where a unique marketing company can help you succeed.

Roundhouse Marketing  is committed to exceeding the expectations of our customers to the extent that it has eliminated the traditional customer service department. Instead, they created a customer service company that provides marketing solutions. Every member of our team is both a client service provider and a solution provider. This mindset permeates all our interactions and the products and services which we provide. Delighting our clients with superior design, performance, execution and fulfillment are our daily expectation.

Part of delighting customers is to simplify their journey by incorporating the critical functions of marketing design and delivery into a single unique organization. Once a marketing campaign is conceived, the design process takes over to ensure the concept is sharpened and focused on the targeted market. When the concept is ready, our team can execute quickly by providing the printed materials, email blasts, email newsletter templates and fulfilling requests for physical marketing supplies when and where you need them. All of this under one roof!

Our team works as both Tier 1 (full-service marketing department) or Tier 2 (with your marketing department or agency) to ensure that your campaigns are developed and executed in a timely, cost-effective manner. In either case, we will supplement your team’s efforts with unique skills and interactive collaboration to provide the services you need.

Roundhouse Partners is ready, willing and able to help you meet the challenges of getting and obtaining your target customers’ attention. Give us the opportunity to delight you by contacting us today.

Why Your In-House Marketing Department Could Use a Hand

If your company has a multi-talented marketing department, it can be tempting to think you don't need any outside help. You've already invested in marketing, so you might assume you don't have to worry about recruiting outside help. However, there are a number of advantages to outsourcing some of your marketing to a partner agency.

Handling Your Digital Brand

Hiring an agency with expertise in digital marketing can be invaluable for your business. While your marketing department might not have time to undertake a project like redesigning your website, an outside agency can make it a priority and create something that will retain more customers and increase traffic. This extends to things like email marketing, web ads, and other key digital solutions for your business.

Fresh Take on Creativity 

While you've probably hired expert creative minds in your own marketing department, nothing can infuse a company's brand with a new sense of life and creativity more than getting help from outsiders with a different perspective on your brand. They could provide your company with unconventional branding solutions that your marketing department alone might not have discovered.

Warehousing & Fulfillment

While not usually considered a function of marketing, the value of a partner agency with warehouse space and fulfillment experience can be incredibly high. Investing in this sort of infrastructure yourself can be both expensive and time-consuming, so outsourcing it to your marketing services agency could be the ideal solution. 

Give Yourself a Big Hand

Partnering with an experienced marketing services agency like Roundhouse can help your brand in a wide variety of ways. It can help you increase your brand's awareness while also offering practical solutions such as warehousing or fulfillment. If it’s experience you want, you’ve come to the right place. The doctor is in.

Achieve Email Marketing Enlightenment in 2017

Email marketing has been around since the dawn of time, in terms of the internet world that is, and it's still around today because it's been proven to be a successful marketing tactic for businesses of all sizes. Below are a few simple tactics to consider if you're thinking about implementing an email marketing campaign this year.


Determining who should receive your e-blast is one of the most important decisions to make during the initial planning stages. Not only will this make sure you reach the right people, but this will also help you craft the content that will be distributed. Today, there are multiple ways to target, from simple demographics like age and gender, to more refined qualifiers such as occupation or purchase habits.


From the subject line to the body of your message, you’ll want your content to be engaging and informative. Personalize your content to your target audience. To go one step further, customize your message to include the recipient's name. Be sure to include a call-to-action – after all, you want your audience to interact with your brand.

Creative Design

Make your content shine with an impactful design. After a recipient clicks on the email, the design is one of the first impressions your readers will experience. Does your content lend itself to infographics or video? These are excellent ways to make your content sing. Consider A/B testing prior to deployment to determine which creative design resonates best with your test audience.

In addition to the strategies listed above, we’d be happy to assist with retention, on-boarding and more. Request a House Call by one of our experienced email practitioners today!