Fill their inbox with insight and they’ll fill yours with Benjamins.

Have you ever asked yourself why you open certain emails and not others? There’s a reason. Creating effective email marketing takes skill and experience. In fact, email is an exceptionally competitive marketing channel.

The average B2B or B2C client may not realize how effective email marketing is. Every day, they check their email boxes filled to the brim with newsletters, spam, randomness and important emails they actually plan to open. It makes sense to think that email marketing messages don't work.

However, savvy marketers realize that email marketing works to help businesses grow. Email marketing is not necessarily the best tool to use to close a sale. Even when your customer knows and trusts you, going through an email to complete a buy call-to-action doesn't happen often.

According to the 2015 DMA National Client Email Report:

  • Email marketing ROI is $38 for every $1 you spend; and
  • 20% of companies that actively use email marketing enjoy a 70:1 ROI.

These are powerful numbers. In addition, email campaigns are some of the most affordable to launch. Many small to medium-sized business owners are confused when it comes to online marketing strategy. They don't know whether to hire a company for social media marketing, SEM or PPC. Email marketing combined with another strategy is a great place to start.

To market effectively via email, you must know your target customer well. Newsletter content remains the most effective format to reach your target demographic. However, since you're competing with so many other email newsletters, it's important to realize only people who can benefit from your product or service will open your newsletter. Therefore, it's important to develop or gain access to a highly detailed list with members who match your target demographics’ persona as much as possible.

Email marketing isn't easy. In addition, to having a good list, excellent copy is also important. That means hiring a copywriter to write engaging headlines and email text designed to convert. Our team at Roundhouse has proven email marketing skills. Give us a call today … or better yet, send us an email.

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