Harness the Power of Experience

Technology is a powerful weapon. It’s not only changing the way marketing warfare is conducted, it is an evolving entity that can totally transform your Customer Experience strategy… in the time it’s taking you to read this sentence. Your CE team has to be virtually superhuman to give your customers an experience like none other, using both new and time-tested experiential marketing techniques. Are they up for the challenge?

For many companies, keeping a fully operational Customer Experience team on board is impractical. Outsourcing certain executional functions from within a CE strategy can keep internal resources fresh, on task and thinking big picture. Choosing the right partner can be tricky, but the benefits usually outweigh the tedium involved in the vetting process.

Communication is perhaps the most critical aspect of the Customer Experience journey. We must be prepared to speak to them as they prefer to be spoken to, not how we prefer to speak to them. One important, yet often overlooked facet of a communication plan is consistency in messaging. Expertly-extended design can enhance the customer experience dramatically. Print is still an important part of CE, a notion that is often dismissed in the digital age. The FCC and FDA regulate a good portion of the CE world, therefore print plays a key role. Not only that, many older customers may actually prefer to read print materials. It then makes sense that well-designed print, from brochures to user manuals, can make or break a customer’s decision to give you their business.

At Roundhouse, we have worked for decades to perfect our methods of communicating in the Customer Experience arena. Our in-house design, print, warehousing and fulfillment teams work hand in hand with CE teams to deliver on strategies across a wide spectrum of categories; from Telecom to Healthcare and CPG Food to Manufacturing. So go ahead and use the benefits technology provides in building your CE model. But when it comes time to press the button, reach out to Roundhouse and put our experience to work for you.

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