Healthcare Marketing: Direct to Patient

Most often, healthcare products are marketed towards doctors and pharmaceutical sales reps. If you want informed customers asking their doctor about your product, gear your marketing campaign towards patients.

Focus on Digital – Marketing in general has shifted to focus more on digital content, especially online. Many healthcare companies have developed apps to engage customers and create a more fulfilling customer experience. People spend a great deal of their time on the internet, so online advertising is a win.

Education – Combine marketing with the genuine needs of your customers. Your marketing campaigns should be informative and digestible. When there is so much bad information on the internet about health, being a reliable source of information for your customers really makes you stand out.

Social Media – There are almost endless ways to use social media to your advantage. Video posts tend to have more views and like than photos, so be sure to post lots of informative videos. Track likes and comments of your posts to see which advertising strategies are the most effective among your clientele.

Get Personal – Video testimonials are one of the best marketing strategies for healthcare providers. Film satisfied customers describing their experience and post it to social media.

In short, cross-media marketing is often most effective. A mix of print and digital media is helpful, as is the use of both visual and audio content on your website. Contact us today support all of your direct to patient marketing efforts to evangelize your healthcare products.

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