Is the mail here yet?

Recent research has shown that given today's technology, most human beings have a shorter attention span than that of a goldfish when it comes to staring at a screen ... around 9 seconds before they become distracted by something else. On the other hand, having a direct mail piece in a customer's hands will last longer than the flickering of a screen. 

Timely industry information about direct mail marketing continues to be published at prominent business websites like Forbes. They're still delivering current and valuable facts when it comes to direct mail statistics, strategies and how they relate to our marketing efforts and the success of these efforts. Given our current digital age, some trend followers are turning a blind eye to formats like postal mailers and how often these recipients spend their hard-earned cash once receiving these paper pieces via the US Mail. Consider these numbers... 

  • Opening direct mail pieces occurs two-thirds or 66% of the time either by the addressee or an "occupant" that receives this type of advertisement in their traditional mailbox
  • Regardless of age, 56% of all consumers respond to direct mail by either physically visiting the store or surfing by their location via the internet
  • Using a personalization identification technique made 84% of all recipients more likely to open a direct mail offer, even if unsolicited
  • Of those given a direct mail offer, 62% of these deliveries resulted in a purchase within a three-month period of time
  • Viewing of direct mail pieces occurs for one full minute 82% of the time following opening

The possible saturation from something truly worthy from a marketing standpoint given a mere sixty seconds may seem minuscule at best, but pitted against the average time a web-browsing, prospective new customer spends looking at a web page, the results are irrefutable… traditional mail continues to deliver.

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