Missing Something?

Email is one of the most effective selling tools you can use. According to statistics issued by the Data & Marketing Association, 93% of businesses surveyed consider email very important in achieving sales goals. The same survey showed that for every 1 dollar spent, roughly 38 were earned through email campaigns. It goes on to state that 98% of the businesses that were surveyed vowed to maintain or increase the budget they have committed to email marketing.

One of the unique things about an email campaign is its ability to start generating profits almost immediately. Your target consumers can click right from the email to your sales site, and start buying. Those same customers can then share the emails with friends and family members, becoming a team of salespeople that do not require pay or incentives.

The ability to track the successfulness of an email campaign is another key benefit. We’ll work with you to compile data that can show what the most effective messaging strategies are for each audience. We can then use that data to tweak, enhance and develop new campaigns to best help you reach your goals. We can also help make sure your staff is ready to implement the marketing emails by reviewing and strengthening your on-boarding plan as well.

To find out how we can put our years of experience to work for your business, contact us any time. We’re here for you.

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