Part 1: Third-Party Warehousing and Fulfillment Benefits

Whether you are a small ecommerce business or a large corporation that has fulfillment projects, a third-party partner might be the answer. Here are a few ways that hiring a warehouse and fulfillment company might be right for you.
The most time-consuming aspect of most fulfillment jobs is the setup. A warehouse will have the space & staff needed to set up a proper assembly line to fulfill kits quickly. Fulfillment experts can also recommend packing materials and best practices to more efficiently kit and ship.

Your day-to-day job is already a busy one. The last thing you want to do is pull an all-nighter to pack and ship 300 sales kits to your brokers. Or, perhaps you are a small business that just launched a new product that is flying off the shelves and don’t have the manpower or space to keep up with the demand. Delegating the fulfillment to a third-party partner can allow you to utilize your time more wisely and keep your new customers happy for repeat business.

Your office does not need to look like the inside of a moving truck. New products, sales samples and collateral all take up space when in large quantities. A warehouse has the space to easily and securely store all of your items in a temperature-controlled setting. An online asset management system allows you to see the quantity of your product in real time. That same online ordering system allows the fulfillment center to react to your orders quickly.

If you want to learn more about how a warehouse and fulfillment company can help grow your business, contact us today. We have over 23 years of experience in providing our clients with warehousing and fulfillment logistics solutions.

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