Part 2: Pick ‘n Pack

If you are contemplating a third-party fulfillment logistics company for your next project, here are the 3 main components of fulfillment project costs to consider.

Until your project is ready to ship, your items will take up space – possibly LOTS of space. This is where a warehouse comes in handy. Your items will be boxed, labeled, inventoried and stored until the items are needed for your fulfillment order. A “per month” storage fee may be applied. As orders or projects deplete the items you have in stock, the number of skids you have stored will change from month to month.

It takes time to pick off the shelves, pack in boxes and ship orders. By choosing a third-party to fulfill your kits, you’ll be able to free up your time, but will pay labor and packing materials per kit.

Customer Service
You’ll want a fulfillment logistics company to be responsive to your questions or changes. There are companies that specialize in quantity and speed, yet other companies will focus on customization and attention to detail.

As a marketing agency that includes fulfillment and warehouse under one roof, Roundhouse can provide you with speed AND the attention to detail that some of the larger fulfillment logistics companies just won’t touch.

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