Part 3: With a Bow on Top – Custom Kitting

The number one piece of advice is to exercise due diligence when searching for a fulfillment logistics company. Take the time to meet and be certain it’s a good fit for both of you. Don’t settle. Find a third-party partner that will take the time and adhere to the attention to detail your business requires.

Customer service is a critical part of a successful fulfillment project. A third-party partner should help you organize your project to maximize efficiency and minimize unnecessary costs. They should use their knowledge to anticipate how best to package your items so that everything ships undamaged and yet presentable.

Presentation should not be overlooked. Think about the last time you had a package waiting on your door step. The excitement – even if you know what’s inside. A package of sales collateral or the widget you are selling is an extension of your brand. It is not too much to request that your items are nicely displayed in the box and the outer shipping carton branded. The little finishing touches like colored crinkle paper or a custom label can go a long way to make your package stand out.

Roundhouse has the knowledge and experience to pack your project on time, looking beautiful… and maybe even with a bow on top.

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